The journey
of a lifetime


A large coffee company wants to narrate its story in an engaging way: not a self-celebration, but the completion of more than 100 years of history, with an eye to the future.


Quality, obsessive attention to raw materials, refusal to compromise, ability to look to the future and anticipate tastes and trends, always respecting a tradition handed down from generation to generation: these are the characteristics of a large family business that has always had a single goal, the best coffee possible.


Narrate a story that spans decades and consists of people, their work and their passion and narrate the story of coffee, its fragrances, its materiality, culture and transformations: for all this we did not think of a corporate video, but we chose the broad scope of cinema. A real film, with a great director behind the camera, packed into a few minutes and a reasonable budget: designed for the web, but to be seen in the company, with the Costadoro family, on a big screen.