What’s behind


Communicate technological innovation, love for research and the scientific challenge that are behind each DiaSorin diagnostic product, and do it at a great event, also organised by our Group, in the presence of more than 1000 customers from all over the world and with Nobel laureates as guests.


DiaSorin research is really a challenge that deserves to be told: conceive an antibody capable of identifying a molecule among millions of others and to bind to it, select only the result of these unions so as to be able to quantify it and give a precise and reliable result, able to provide a certain answer to the scientific community and guide it to a correct diagnosis and the most effective treatment.


What’s behind? The question that inspires the client's brief is transformed into the leit-motiv of an exciting journey that starts in the real world, enters the company's diagnostic tools and shows the wonder of the infinitely small: all with extremely advanced 3D animation techniques, capable of telling the invisible and blending perfectly with live recordings. An incredible journey, underlined by the sound design and a narrator among the most famous of the Anglo-Saxon world, capable of surprising and capturing participants on a mega 18 metre screen during the event, as now the corporate stakeholders via the web.