Capture emotions


The brand, leader in the photography world, wants to put people increasingly at the centre of its projects, providing a wide range of products attentive to the different interests of enthusiasts, and helping spread a culture of photography through authoritative voices and shared experiences.


The new Z Series cameras are designed to appeal to younger, more dynamic audiences who also like to capture images on the move. The photography world contains stories, thoughts, traditions and technological innovations: it is a great adventure of thought that needs to be made known to the audience of enthusiasts, through all possible channels. Nikon's ambassadors are the great photographers of today; Nikon School courses explore and analyse work techniques and experiences. All this to create a strong and widespread community of enthusiasts: the Nikon Club.


"The best gifts are the emotions provided by a unique moment. We hope you capture them with a Nikon!”. In order to support the client in its choice to put people at the centre, we dedicated ourselves with care to the target audience, dedicating to each the most suitable content and using the best language to increase engagement and tie each person to the brand and product values. We activated new touchpoints, such as podcasts, which are increasingly popular with young people: Lumen transforms Nikon School video lessons into agile audio episodes that can be streamed and replayed.