Each business unit, specialised in a specific area, is ready to combine their skills to work in synergy and ensure brands an all-round vision, a complete approach and an integrated communication plan.


Our identity comes from the union of several people, over 40 professionals working in fluid teams, driven by passion and encouraged by the board to experimentation and take personal initiative.


We have been working in the communication world for 20 years which allows us to anticipate trends, be pro-active and look to the future with a solid past.


We set goals and give our all to achieve them, so as to always obtain results that we are satisfied with.


We cultivate curiosity; our starting point for addressing any challenge is to find a disruptive and functional creative idea for the brand.

What we do and how we work

We dialogue with people, study the social background, define goals, build the most effective communication strategy and do the thing we love most: we implement it. Whatever the challenge, we accept it. We do communication on different media dealing with branding, content creation, integrated marketing, media relations, influencer marketing, digital PR, digital brand strategy, branded content, videos, websites and e-shops. We create insights capable of enhancing any brand, communicating to large targets and reaching individuals in a targeted way.

Comunicazione e Branding

We do communication to reveal the identity and positioning of brands, defining visual identity, marketing strategies and social media marketing. We develop creative content, from the most classic advertising to social networks and web series, podcasts and radio or digital video content, delivering unique and consistent messages across multiple touchpoints to reach and engage multiple targets at the right times.

Media Relation

We engage in Press Office, digital PR and influencer marketing project development activities, from selection to contact, in order to connect brands and people, increase brand awareness and performance.

Content Marketing / Content Production

We implement brand awareness, establishing connections with consumers and always starting with exciting storytelling. The goal? Produce content that never goes unnoticed.

Digital Product

We develop Lead Generation and Conversion Marketing projects with a strategic vision and driving the client journey. We monitor the results by analysing the data and the performance achieved with a critical eye in order to propose possible project optimisations and new Martech & AdTech developments.



We define online and offline integrated communication strategies, for any kind of business.

Media Relations

In addition to the traditional Press Office activity with the most important national press, we are also specialised in Digital PR.

PR & Corporate Communication

We support clients in managing Public Relations with internal, external and institutional stakeholders in order to convey mission, vision and values.

Influencer Marketing

We analyse data to select the most effective influencers based on brand values and campaign goals, and support influencers in the creative definition of content.

Image & Branding

Everything that is visual communication and helps to make the brand positioning and personality known.

Content Creation

We conceive and create textual, photographic, graphic and video content to engage audiences with stories, ideas and emotions.

Social Media

Strategic planning, creativity, content creation and curation, advertising, social media management.

Digital Product

Lead Generation and Conversion Marketing projects to guide the client journey and data analysis to monitor performance and improve results.


We engage targets through meetings, conventions, project kick-offs, product launches and press conferences to create experience moments.